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Used traditionally as a medication against inflammatory diseases. Burned for spiritual and contemplative purposes. Has been used to help one practice freedom of expression and to gain clarity in difficult matters. 



Used traditionally to help calm the mind and to relieve anxiety. It has been said that Sandalwood has spiritual significance in that it can bring humans closer to the divine. 



An herb of cleansing. Traditionally used to cleanse and purify. Has been said that lemongrass can help shed light into the deepest corners of the spiritual realm. Helps to dissolve barriers and reveal secret issues. 



Archaically used to calm anxieties, help to stabilize mood and help bring a sense of centered peace. Traditions hold that the rose is a symbol of the union between the divine feminine and the divine masculine. An herb of love and union. 



Treasured by the ancient Egyptians for its antimicrobial properties, bug repelling properties and ability to beautify the skin, patchouli has been used for a very long time. Its deep earthy notes are used, by some, to increase energy, to increase attention and to cleanse a space. Is said to help bring love, understanding and relaxation. 



Jasmine is known for its enchanting aroma and vibrant, white petals. It is known for its healing and meditative properties, and has been used in many different cultures. Jasmine has been used in the past as an anesthetic, as well as a treatment for coughing and laryngitis. It can be utilized to relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress. Jasmine has also been known to promote better sleep. 



Lotus flowers are beautiful, colorful, and majestic, despite growing amidst swamps and bogs. The lotus flower has often been a sign of resilience and persistence, as well as peace and serenity. The lotus flower scent is floral, aquatic, and spring-like. It has been used to help reduce anxiety and stress, as well as irritability and negativity.

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