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18” Teardrop Pendant Crystal Necklaces

18” Teardrop Pendant Crystal Necklaces

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Option Descriptions:


Dalmation Jasper 

Dalmation Jasper is a grounding stone, with its natural coloration. It brings the wearer comfort and connection with nature. It can also help one reconnect with others, as well as promote good relationships with others. 


Chrysocolla, Quartz, African Jade 

Chrysocolla is a stone of tranquility, wisdom, and hope. Quartz promotes positivity and is known to have healing energy. African Jade is known to promote confidence, peace, and vitality. The combination of these stones is powerful and positive!


Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz encourages unconditional love, self-acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness. Rose Quartz can be used to ignite passion, compassion, and self-love. 



Sodalite is a crystal of intuition, clarity and insight. It can be helpful to use during meditation and spiritual journeys. Sodalite also brings emotional balance into one’s life.

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